Welcome to FCGA

The FTTH Councils Global Alliance (FCGA) is a platform of the six global FTTH Councils in Americas, Latam, Europe, MENA, Africa and APAC. Since 2011, they all ensure that regional commitments are always combined with the power of global cooperation.

FCGA - Global power with regional strength

Our Mission

All FTTH Councils share a common goal!

The acceleration of fibre to the home adoption. They all act as powerful and independent organizations in their specific market. This regional focus gives the FTTH Councils a special strength to adapt their activities to the particular market situation in their area.


FCGA Chairmanship

Every year the alliance is chaired by a new president from different council.

FCGA 2016 President is Ms Juanita Clark
Chief Executive of  FTTH Council Africa
Contact: juanita@ftthcouncilafrica.com